I Wanna Be Sedated.mp3
Teenage Lobotomy.mp3
Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio.mp3
Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment.mp3
Beat on the Brat.mp3
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker.mp3
I Wanna Live.mp3
Blitzkrieg Bop.mp3
Cretin Hop.mp3
Rockaway Beach.mp3
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.mp3
Mama's Boy.mp3
Bop Til You Drop.mp3
Were a Happy Family.mp3
Bonzo Goes to Bitburg.mp3
Psycho Therapy.mp3
Wart Hog.mp3
Animal Boy.mp3
Needles and Pins.mp3
Howling at the Moon.mp3
Somebody Put Something in My Drink.mp3
We Want the Airwaves.mp3
Chinese Rock.mp3
I Just Want to Have Something to Do.mp3
The Kkk Took My Baby Away.mp3
Indian Giver.mp3
Rock'n'Roll-High School.mp3

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